The Okavango Delta is one of the largest inland deltas in the world, made up of an intricately woven network of crystal clear channels and lagoons lined with papyrus reeds and palm fringed islands. It is a unique wetland that not only supports and sustains a huge diversity of wildlife, providing excellent game viewing throughout the year, but it is beautiful and awe inspiring in itself .Whilst the emphasis of a Botswana safari is often on large mammals, of which there is a prolific amount in the Okavango, there are many other specialized animals and birds to be enjoyed. The islands and lagoons of the delta are a haven for birds and aquatic life – as many as 580 bird species have been recorded in Botswana and more than 80 fish species identified in the Okavango.It is the sense of wilderness, of a pristine ecosystem, that you will remember from your Okavango Delta safari .We a going to Canoe for about 2hrs before we get to our Camping site ,after the coolest hours of the day will do a walk in the interior of the Moremi Game Reserve with our local Guides .Moremi Game Reserve is concentrated with lots of big and small game Elephants, Buffalos, Lions, Hippopotamus ,Zebras ,Kudu and ,Impalas,